Green Nutrients Recovery Systems (NUTREC)


Nutrient recovery from wastewater has been receiving growing interest, driven by stringent nutrient discharge limits from Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) and by the potential for valorization of the recovered nutrients, e.g. for application as fertilizers, which can represent an additional revenue source to WWTP operators. The NUTREC project focuses on the recovery of ammonia ( N) and phosphorus (P) from wastewaters, in particular reject water from biogas production (rich in N and P) and leachates (rich in N) from landfills. The NUTREC consortium – led by a group of five SMEs (from four countries) within the WWT industrial sector – wishes to improve and optimize a recently developed, innovative technological process for recovering ammonia, as well as extending such process for the recovery of phosphorus from diverse wastewaters, and transforming the nutrient-rich by-streams into useful fertilisers. The technology has a very high potential for economic savings especially related to energy – and operational improvements in WWTPs. However, it faces number of limitations which the SME consortium expects to overcome with the contribution of two highly specialised RTD Performers – that will address the main scientific and technological barriers preventing the technology from reaching the market.

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