Green Chemistry Challenge Award


EPA honors Soltex water-eliminating process at the 20th Green Chemistry Challenge Awards

Soltex received the honor “for inventing a new process that eliminates the use of water and reduces the use of hazardous chemicals in petroleum products,” stated the release.

“Every year companies design and develop innovative green chemistry technologies that will result in safer chemical use in the places where we work and live,” said EPA Regional Administrator Ron Curry in the release. “The process created by Soltex can prevent 50 percent of hazardous waste a year and significantly lower operating cost.”

Soltex was among six companies recognized for their eco-friendly innovations, reported the release.

“Soltex is honored to receive the Presidential Green Chemistry award. This new polybutene technology has the potential to reduce waste and conserve energy, while optimizing operational costs,” said Tony Massoud, CEO of Soltex. “As a midsize company, we are proud to be included among the leaders in our industry who, through innovation and responsible care, have greatly improved [everyday] life.”

A panel of technical experts convened by the American Chemical Society chose the winners, noted the release. The challenge encourages research and development to find “less-hazardous create alternatives to existing technologies that reduce or eliminate waste” in industrial production.

Source: Water Technology Online

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