Flush Rainwater, Not Money, Down Your Toilets


The practice of rainwater harvesting is becoming more prevalent as water costs rise. Companies are turning to rainwater harvesting systems in order to supplement the water needs of their facilities.

"It's an age-old practice that has gained popularity as fresh water resources become more scarce - whether due to drought, water pollution, or crumbling water infrastructure," says Mike Ruck, vice president of the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) and chief water officer for RainWater Solutions in Raleigh, NC.

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J. Seamus Boylson
But, a word of caution: Some people are TOTALLY MISLED with an assumed degree of "safety" in Rainwater. I've used this valuable resource in many, many nations of the world, over a number of years now: And 1 of the most common expressions I've heard from beneficiaries of these systems is "SURPRISE", that such water MUST be disinfected, if it's to be made safe for ingestion, cooking (some food cooking water never gets to the true "boiling point" essential for killing all pathogens!), or even washing down sensitive areas in sanitation tasks.
The most basic false assumption, on which this "SURPRISE" thinking is based, is simply this: Because of the "source" of this water - i.e., it's fallen from the sky, & thereby already been purified by "Nature" - is, in itself, a very naive notion. (Mainly because our air is often/almost constantly filled with dust & other particulate matter, that itself is infected with powdered fecal matter, etc.)
But the more critical issue is simply this: This water lands on roof tops & other surfaces, which are also places where birds & other wildlife excrete their infectious waste; then run through special eave gutters &/or other catchment/flow control forms, which are sitting out & filling with all sorts of infected matter (often for long periods between rains), which then flows into the domestic use storage tanks.
A major danger point in such assumptions include: Children, as well as some adults, are prone to assume that ANY clear/non-saline water is "safe to drink"; especially if it's "natural tasting" (as opposed to that "water that tastes like medicine" - as well as causing a wide range of negative health side-effects!), as is created by most common Chlorine treatment. Thus, they willingly/unknowingly ingest it, when available!
We now have a new purification technology, which can treat - quickly (i.e., 30/Min., max!), & thoroughly; eliminating ALL pathogenic forms (specifically including "Resistant" strains, which Chlorine cannot!) - "raw" water. A single drop of this very versatile/multi-functional solution will TOTALLY PURIFY 2/Liters of "normal" (i.e, non-flood surface*) source water. We can set up receiving/dispensing stations, using a very new & far simpler/easier & cheaper to install & maintain (thus far, far more "sustainable") central storage & dispensing stations, which are AUTOMATICALLY treated, via a manual triggering system, as new water is introduced. Please feel free to contact me - via e-mail % seamus_purewater@comcast.net - if interested in knowing more about our very advanced "applied appropriate technology" approach, to this vital needs solution.
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