Disinfectants Caused Nile Delta Mass Poisoning


The mass poisoning in Egypt's Sharqiya governorate is dueto the fall of disinfectants in drinking water tanks, initial investigations by the prosecution revealed

The head of Al-Ibrahimiya prosecution, Amir Sweillam, requested the remaining reports concerning water samples.

Hundreds of residents of Al-Ibrahimiya village in Sharqiya governorate flocked to hospitals suffering from apparent poisoning as a result of contaminated water last Friday.

On Sunday, out of 761 possible water poisoning cases, eight patients were still being treated, while the others had been discharged from hospitals after recovering, a health ministry official said.

The general prosecution had decided earlier to take samples from drinking water and food scraps from the homes of infected people.

On Saturday, a 51-year old man, suffering from the same symptoms, died in the hospital.

Authorities are currently investigating the outbreak and questioning the local public water company, which has stressed that their water is safe to drink.

Reports of water poisoning are not uncommon in Egypt.

In October 2014, around 100 people were poisoned in a similar incident in Sharqiya. Some blamed the illnesses on the drinking water, but officials at the time said the water was clean.

The poisoning cases come a few days after a barge carrying 500 tons of phosphate capsized in the Nile in Upper Egypt’s Qena governorate after colliding with the foundations of the city's Dandara Bridge.

Egypt’s water and irrigation minister denied Friday that the sicknesses in Sharqiya were connected with the sinking of the barge.

Health Minister Hossam Moghazi stated that the Nile River passes seven cities between Qena and Sharqiya and none of these cities had reported any cases of water poisoning.

Source: Albawaba

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J. Seamus Boylson
Those nations still "fixated" on the use of Chem's - normally Chlorine, but others as well - to "treat" raw water &/or other consumed items (as well as those workers who's tasks require the be around products so treated, & having to constantly breath Chem-spray filled air!), are simply "tempting the fates" of their constituents' health & safety with such reckless practices. There are now PROVEN alternatives; often even more "efficient/cost-effective" in nature; but at least specifically free of such population safety risks as are illustrated in this article. One of the major negative features of still-widely used Chlorine now - a chemical now research-PROVEN to be a known Carcinogen, as well as with high negative health "side-effects" so dire, that over 2 dozen major research institutions have unanimously recommended it "not be ingested, in any manner, by man nor beast". Yet even such prestigious institutions/organizations as the UN's WHO & UNICEF are still encouraging its use/defending its "safety" (& flatly denying the PROVEN negative health side-effects!). One can't help but wonder who's "payroll" they're truly respondent to! National leaders in developing nations have pointed out yet another major "natural disaster" source they're now all too often experiencing: Tanker-truck loads of Chlorine that have accidents resulting in spills, are thereby creating ecological/environmental "disaster" zones; which take untold amount of time to recover from. "Nature" sends us signals, as to what's health/effective or not; but our "base-line" $ factor considerations are overwhelming those cautionary signals: IT'S TIME WE DRASTICALLY REVERSED THAT MENTALITY!
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