China, Pakistan Discussing $15 Billion Plan to Dam Indus River

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The Financial Times (6/7, MacNamara, Subscription Publication) reports that the entity responsible for China's Three Gorges dam has approached Pakistan with a $15 billion hydroelectric plan to dam the Indus River to control flooding and stabilize electric power. The first stage of the project would be a $50 million survey of the affected areas. Pakistan and China already have an investment agreement for the Bunji dam, and the new plan would cover that as well as other sites such as Kohala and Dashu. The Financial Times pointed out that China has been aggressive in its natural resources investments, including copper, lead and zinc mining as well as oil and gas. A Pakistani official is the main source for the story.


Trudi Schifter
Here is an interesting blog giving more details on the issue. One I am sure we will hear more about to come.
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