Cambrian Innovation Launches Industrial-Scale Wastewater Treatment System


Addressing the serious wastewater treatment issues in the food and beverage industry, Cambrian Innovation Inc., a leader in bioelectric environmental solutions for industrial, agricultural, and government organizations, announced the commercial availability of EcoVolt™. The first and only industrial-scale bioelectrically enhanced system ever created, EcoVolt empowers food and beverage companies, including wineries, breweries, and dairy operations, to cut operating costs and monetize their process and wastewater streams while significantly increasing plant sustainability.

Traditional wastewater treatment processes are energy-intensive and susceptible to disruptions. EcoVolt leverages electrically active microbes to stabilize the wastewater treatment process while generating clean energy. This energy can save money, decrease grid reliance, and form a core part of a sustainable water management and re-use plan.

“EcoVolt has the potential to revolutionize how wineries and breweries manage water,” said Matthew Silver, CEO of Cambrian Innovation. “Today, most companies looking to expand production must quickly think through access to water and treatment of wastewater, and current solutions leave much wanting. The Cambrian EcoVolt system is designed to turn water management from a hassle into an opportunity. We expect many customers will be able to significantly cut electricity usage and even go ‘off grid’ when using EcoVolt to treat wastewater and generate power.”

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