Alliance for Saving Water in the Ag Industry


CalCom Solar has partnered with Wexus Technologies to deploy technologies that will save energy and water in the farming industry

The California Energy Commission recently awarded Wexus a $4 million grant to commercialize a cloud-based, mobile platform for the agricultural industry. The platform is designed to make the industrial and agricultural sectors more energy and water efficient.

A lack of data, high energy costs and limited mobile applications in the field forces farmers to spend up to 50 percent more on energy than necessary, particularly when operating irrigation pumps. Wexus will use the grant money to deploy software that leverages existing utility meter data and helps farmers access on-farm electricity and water information from mobile and desktop devices.

CalCom, a California-based solar provider serving agriculture and water districts, will deliver clean energy systems through the partnership. Wexus tools will assess and analyze historical and future electrical rate increases, water and irrigation patterns and energy use by crop types to determine precise energy and water use projections in the industry.

The data will be used to create an energy approach that uses solar panels designed to make energy and water use as efficient as possible.

Source: Environmental Leader

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