1-m toilets launched in Manila


Manila will pilot the One Million Clean Toilets Movement in partnership with Unilever, UNICEF, Philippine Public Health Associations and Pilipinas Shell.

In Tuesday’s media briefing at Victoria Patio in Intramuros, UNICEF said about one million pledges will be gathered from private households to maintain their own clean, safe and hygienic bathrooms to highlight World Toilet Day in November 2014.

Uniliver’s Domex will deputize Germ Busters through a series of training activities on the proper servicing of restrooms covering city service employees, NLEX and SLEX Shell gas station service staff and selected school and hospital sanitation officers.

Dr. Mike Gnilo of UNICEF WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) said over a billion people in the world have no access to sanitation facilities. 

Reda more: http://bit.ly/1hoqaqj


sophie caccavale
But asking to contribute in term of labor must be part of community mobilization, I guess.
Muhammad  Suleman chandio
UNICEF is right but it's functioning in Pakistan is diversified. They offer the poors for their contribution in kind of labour and material to be given by UNICEF.

It would be preffered that cost be sustained totally by it with matching grant by respective Provincial Governmet & Fedral GOP. Such incentive would be encouraging to poors for sparing space in house and get release from old tradition in open defecation.
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