Nations Partner To Harness Nanotechnology To Improve World's Water Supply.


The Regina Leader-Post (2/22, Cooper) reported Canada, along with US, India, Israel, and China "joined hands" in a partnership which will harness "the potential of nanotechnology to improving the world's water supply." "Applying advanced technology to the problems of water is a serious issue. This is not a sideshow, it is a fundamental issue," said Henri Rothschild, CEO of International Science and Technology Partnerships (ISTP) Canada. Edmonton was selected as the site of the "two-day Multilateral Roundtable on Sustainable Water Management Through Nano and Emerging Technologies because it is home to the National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT) at the University of Alberta and the Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence at Epcor Utilities' Gold Bar waste-water treatment plant." Rothschild added that after the meeting, "The participants will go back to their countries to find how we will get support."

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Courtesy of AquaNexus Daily Briefing

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