Water and Sanitation

Overview of the Blue Diversion sanitation system


The Blue Diversion Toilet is an appealing, affordable and safe urine diverting toilet. It is designed for a sustainable sanitation value chain and zero discharge, recovering all resources. The Blue Diversion Toilet is the centrepiece of a market-based approach to sanitation that will be attractive for profit-seeking entrepreneurs. www.bluediversiontoilet.com 
Learn about the Blue Diversion business model.

see the video here

Eawag/EOOS 2014 http://www.eawag.chhttp://www.eoos.com,http://www.bluediversiontoilet.com


Hussein Ibrahim
Leonardo Zanata
Hello Vish.

This is a very interesting product, with a very interesting application.

But I would like to bring to issues that have to be considered before chose this option:

- The people culture: It is necessary a very strong and well design conscientization campaing to "teach" the people who will use this product about its advantages and way of work, etc... Otherwise, all the value chain said in the video will be lost;

- The economical viability: the process MUST be (proven) economically viable (with real numbers), to the users, Otherwise, they will not make the correct application of the product, and again, the operation will fail.

But it's really a very interesting option. Some can even say that it could be a temporary solution before the real sewage line and treatment. Only time will tell.

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