Proper utilisation of water in irrigated agriculture

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The wastage of water in water courses ( field channels) is about 25 percent. If the water courses are properly constructed and maintained, the wastage of water in water courses due to spillage and seepage can be reduced to a larger extent.

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Giampietro Martini

Irrigation challenges world wide and the solutions.

Since long we have been talking about the irrigation challenge, recently I read to a paper dated on September 2003 by FAO that was emphasising these issues, headed:” The irrigation challenge, increasing irrigation contributions to food security through higher water productivity from canal irrigation system"( the technologies are coming daily with some sort of solution:  we can use the digital terrain maps for remote studying, digital instruments for detection (properly used), hydrological models for superficial runoff and the groundwater flow that allow more understanding to the catchment response, we can make the precipitation maps and using the experience draw conclusions in less time. I am thinking about using the drip irrigation that it could have more water efficiency at my study area. But as we know, the efficiency depends on the type of soil, climate, slope of ground and obviously the crop. So we can not use drip everywhere, we need to find some appropriate solution for every location. So I wanted to know if there is any case paper who mentions irrigation challenges for a particular site and gives the solutions for it at one place? I feel there should be a knowledge platform where all the solutions are listed under one roof so that it benefits to agriculturist in order to achieve a more sustainable living style.

What do you think is there a need of such platform for solving the irrigation challenges?

I appreciate the water network team to invite me to join the network which I feel is a fantastic way to solve the irrigation challenges collectively

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