Water in the Middle East

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Bassam Hayek
More wells drilling and water abstraction to respond to the need for water as a result of the crisis in the region.

see http://jordantimes.com/prince-hassan-inaugurates-water-projects-in-north...
Mustafa Mohamed
Dear members,
i highly encouraging all of you to participate and post relevant work, news, research, activities,........etc in field of water and invite others to join the network
Lalit Vashishta
Hello All,
We will be visiting UAE for the Wetex Trade show. We are a process engineering company from India and are seeking business opportunities in Middle East. If anyone is interested to discuss / meet please connect with me.
Our activities can be seen on http://www.divaenvitec.com
I can be contacted on +91-9833393837 or email to lalit@aboutfilter.com
Mustafa Mohamed
Hi, let us work together to improve and increase the efficiency use of our water resources
Amir Dakkak
a bit old but a good source of information about how climate change affects water resources: http://ipcc.ch/pdf/technical-papers/climate-change-water-en.pdf
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