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Jan Willem Van Es
MagneLogic's Hydro Dynamic Magnetic Resonance technology:

Enhancement of:
- Growth / Yields
- Taste / Visual
- Shelf Life
- Seed Germination
Minimization of:
- Fertilizers
- Pesticides
- Herbicides
- Chemicals
Reduction of:
- Irrigation volumes needed for stress-free plants
- Marginal Land-use
- Combating Desertification
- Reforestation in semi-arid regions
Richard Vattay

It was good to be there.

Carol Liu
I just read this article on about food system problems that need to be changed. I'm hoping this might be of interest to the group.
Vishakha Rajput
The Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture has awarded grants to 17 innovative research and demonstration projects that promise to move agricultural production toward greater sustainability while improving Iowa’s soil and water resources. New grants, totaling $1,031,853, fall under all four of the Leopold Center’s research initiatives – Ecology, Marketing and Food Systems, Policy and Cross-Cutting.See list of new projects at:
Gema Alatas
Gema Alatas Thanks for update, do they have any grants open for the year?
Vishakha Rajput
Vishakha Rajput A Request for Pre-proposals is issued in June each year. You can read details for qualifying for grants on their website
Volker Korrmann
Free of charge do-it-yourself micro irrigation
My share against desertification
and the recycling addition:
Please use it, send it to friends and told me about it.
German version:
Vishakha Rajput
A new sustainable agriculture program is underway in Cuba aimed at enhancing the production-commercialization chain.Funded by European Non-government organizations, such as the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency and the Dutch Humanistic Institute for Cooperation.
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