MENA Upstream Water Management Conference

Event Location: 
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Start Date: 
08 December 2014
End Date: 
09 December 2014

MCI Middle East is proud to announce the MENA Upstream Water Management Conference that will address water treatment solutions for petroleum and gas exploration production, challenges of treating water to an acceptable level, techniques to optimize Produced Water management, impact of produced water on the environment, methods of treating bad quality water and more. The 2-day conference focuses exclusively on water management for the upstream sector which is a key driver of the region’s economy, presentations on Regional and International oil and gas companies, case Studies from E&P companies on treating produced water, introducing best in class technologies from leading suppliers in the region, balancing the technical, economic and environment aspects of water management and meeting with specific requirements.


Water Network Research
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eng. charles muhigirwa (MUIPE)
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