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Why corporate stewardship makes good business sense

Sofia B.
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22 Aug 2014 at 06:47
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The concept of ‘stewardship’ is well known within the corporate sustainability field, thanks to the work of organisations like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). However, far too few businesses think about their own sustainability strategies in this way – something we at WWF hope to address by encouraging more of them to act as ‘corporate stewards’.

There are three elements to the approach we advocate. First, businesses must recognise that sourcing natural resources presents risk and opportunity, in terms of supply chain resilience and reputation. Businesses must then manage this risk by changing supply chains and working in collaboration with other users of the resource. Finally, they need to advocate for better policy and implementation governing the management of the resource, in order to deliver long-term solutions.

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William Sarni
My point of view is that companies need to tie their water stewardship strategies to business growth by valuing water and proactive collective action programs. When the business value of water stewardship is tied to fundamental business issues then companies will invest in programs at the appropriate level. More in my article "Fueling Growth" - http://dupress.com/articles/water-stewardship-growth-strategies?id=us:2s...
Sofia B.
Thanks Mr. Sarni for your thoughtful insight on the topic. I always read your articles shared by the Water Network team (Vish).
I would appreciate if you can share a real time case study about corporate water stewardship happened in middle east area. We are suffering from water but no one is ready to thing about it over oil and energy. It will be nice to read that a company can do water program without harming their profits. Hoping to get some info from you. Sofia
Mi Nakamura
I agree, co-oepration over water is the thing which business houses can take serously and show how environmnetal friendly they are. I am a fan of Pepsico, even they earn profits they do good thing too. Read their report it will clarify abd demonstarte their way of thinking. http://www.pepsico.com/Download/PepsiCo_Water_Report_FNL.pdf
Sofia B.
Thanks for sharing this file Nakamura.
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