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What Would the World Be Like if It Were 4°C Warmer?

Claudia Casarotto
Started by Claudia Casarotto on
23 Nov 2012 at 08:33
Deputy Country Director - Kenya , Innovations for Poverty Action
Know-how: Sustainable Agriculture, Energy, Basin Irrigation, Water

World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim explores the findings of a new report that pictures the future world if the temperature had to increase by 4 degrees celsius. Several of the impacts highlighted are related to water: viability of coastal cities, disruption in the water supply system, food scarcity, climatic disasters, etc.

Jim Yong Kim call is: we have to act now! Based on the findings of the report it is possible to mitigate the impacts of climate change and avoide further warming and its detrimental effects. But adaptive capacity and resilience need to be built at country level and green growth opportunities exploited... not an easy task. Let me know your views!


Henk Eijkman
Hi everyone. Thanks to Claudia for the invitation to join the Community Cafe. My perspective is that of a critical political sociologist. This is a timely reminder that (a) we are, as Laszlo stresses in the midst of a Macroshift, and (b)that water problems are inherently first and foremost political problems. This is the topic of my keynote presentation for a sustainable water resource conference at Shivaji University Kolhapur next week. It will be interesting to see what responses this might provoke.
Claudia Casarotto
Dear Henk, great to see that you joined the Community Café! You give a new perspective to the discussion, it is very interesting: would it be possible for you to share the presentation you mentioned with the other group members? I am sure that it will give us some food for thought. Thanks!
Henk Eijkman
Sure happy to do so. But can I do so on my return from India - or at least after my presentation? I'm flat out at present and also can report back on feedback from conference participants. Thanks for the interest though.
glaciers will melt, sea levels will rise, large parcels of land will be inumdated, there will be water scarcity and pollution.
Stephen Siwila
If the world became that warmer it could be a disaster particularly in the already hot climates. The other question is what about if it became 4 degrees Celsius cooler.
Yogesh Agrawal
It may adversely affect agriculture and production of food grains
Boris Hiro LHIE
Boris Hiro LHIE
Peter Graham
+4 degrees C would pretty much put an end to large scale international trade as ports would be submerged in rising seas. One consequence among many would be to put a premium on food security and food democracy as the basis for civil order. Many countries would also need to re-build their manufacturing bases. In other words, globalization ends and localization begins.
Mark Woodward
I wish that I could be more optimistic about my country, but the U.S. record seems to be to ignore things until calamity, then consider alternatives? For goodness sake some states are still teaching that the earth is 3,000 years old, and the number of these states is increasing.

As long as we toil under relentless capitalism, our contribution will be minimal at the 'state' level. Of course we have many individuals and groups which could help if there were any real intention and leadership.
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