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What is the status of wastewater treatment performance at the national level?

Samuel Cohen
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06 Jul 2015 at 10:40
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We’d like your help!

In 2014, the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy created a first-of-kind indicator on national-level wastewater treatment. We devoted a ton of resources and staff time to sifting through a wide variety of data sources, but we know it was just a start. A new interactive map will crowdsource your feedback to help us refine and improve this important indicator of both ecosystem and human health.  

We are asking you to check out your country — or any country you may be familiar with. Does the data and the score seem consistent with your experiences or your knowledge? Is it somehow incomplete? Do you think the data source is valid or problematic? Could you point us in the direction of better or more recent sources of data, or tell us how we can improve?

We want to hear from you! With your help, we can enhance our understanding of wastewater treatment efforts, an important part of encouraging sustainable development around the globe.


The EPI Wastewater Treatment Map can be found here. To learn more about the Environmental Performance Index, visit our website: http://epi.yale.edu/ 


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Samuel Cohen
Yoshimi Yoshida
Very interesting - Japan ranked in 26th. As I try to look at different evaluations / elements that contributed to the overall rating, it is not very easy to understand the illustration and data or scores. In Agriculture Section, Japan is 160th. What exactly does that figure mean, in real world context? I do not see the description .... Pesticides Regulation 92 out of 100. Is that bad or what........ not really sure. ? It will be more helpful to readers to understand each score / rank in more descriptive illustration.
Samuel Cohen
Hi Yoshimi. We are in the process of refiguring the EPI website. It sounds like you were looking at Japan's scores on the various indicators, and from there it may be difficult to get the broader context of what these indicators mean. If you're still interested, I encourage you to take a look at our methods section, which should answer some of your questions. http://epi.yale.edu/our-methods

Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions
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