Sustainable Agriculture

What Does Sustainability Mean for Agriculture?

Gema Alatas
Started by Gema Alatas on
27 Jan 2015 at 08:24
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Dear members everyone may have different views about sustainability in Agriculture. Lets discuss What Does Sustainability Mean for Agriculture to you particularly.



Park Wan Wan
For me, sustainable agriculture is the production of food or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare.
Maruf Hasan
For me sustainability means when farmers can get earn more produce without damaging the soil and land.
Carol Liu
I also think educating the general public will play a role in a future of sustainable agriculture.
Govind Bharad
A sustainable agroecosystem is in position to absorb relatively bigger shocks, the we presume for a stable system. Many a times, some vegetation spp. and/or the systems are directly imported from other region/nation varying in natural resource base and tried, without appropriate tesing over a sufficient period. The resultant setback has to tolerated. There are systems which are based on sound principles remain productive and profitable in a particular region over considerably long period can be defined as sustainable systems.
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