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John Harris
Started by John Harris on
19 Feb 2012 at 11:24
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One of the Water Network's newest groups will hopefully be one of its most dynamic. There is few regions in the world that more clearly show the range of challenges facing modern water managers than the Middle East. At the same time, the greatest challenges frequently create the most innovative solutions. By examining water issues in the Middle East, we are in touch with some of the cutting-edge thinking and initiatives related to water use and decision making. Let's use this thread to raise general topics and concerns. We can subsequently create additional discussion threads in order to pursue topics in greater depth.


Stefan Tarkovacs
About Water scarcity, waste water treatment, water infrastructures are the first step to find solutions, anyway. But after these considérations, water supply is still a problem for many places in the world. Sea water desalination is providing low quality, high footprint and cost. This is not a sustainable solution.
Tar Kovacs Systems company is proposing a real sustainable and low cost solution, which is technicaly also available for unlimited other applications. Our water solution is free of any preparation work, free of pipe lines and pumps, has no footprint and provides original clear water from sea bed. See the article bellow. Then see our web site video on www.tarkovacs-systems.com
Fabian Haas

I have just joined the group. I am based in Kenya, and see the Nile Basin mostly as African, not as Middle Eastern. Obviously there is so much overlap. I am working in Kenya, and use biomonitoring protocols,mainly SASS5 to assess the water quality in various places in the country.

best Fabian Haas, Nairobi
John Harris
Africa Water Week starts next week in Cairo:
John Harris
Interesting review of relevant research and scholarship related to water and natural resources management around the Middle East:
OMEP Materials:
John Harris
Water in the Arab World: Management Perspectives and Innovations:
John Harris
Interesting articles related to water around the Mediterranean in the most recent issue of Revolve magazine:
John Harris
Excellent summary of regional water laws:
John Harris
Middle East water at the World Water Forum. Below is one of the many sessions with a link back to water management in the Middle East:
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