Proper utilisation of water in irrigated agriculture

Water Quality Index for Irrigation purposes

Amani Abu Aladas
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30 Mar 2015 at 04:18
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Hello everybody, Can you help me?. I need papers talk about Water Quality Index for Irrigation purposes " Specially for Ground Water"


lyseconcept jean Marius

The issue of the quality of surface water or groundwater depends on soil pollution. It's easy to qualify a drinking water at a time T but can predict that there will be no tomorrow chemical infiltration. The only sour irrigation water is the one that comes to habitat tap. Immediately after it is polluted: wastewater that contain or not chemical pollution of accession consumers utiliteurs responsibility to preserve the environment.
In the principle of Organic Wastewater Treatment habitat, consumers adhere to the charter of biological conservation of biological characteristic of that moment eau.Dès treated and purified by a biological process that water used to irrigation of the garden or other biodiversity undoubtedly
All domestic wastewater is discharged into the environment, mainly in water environments with their chemical pollution.
Jean MArius
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