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Water carrying methods

Juan Garcia
Started by Juan Garcia on
29 Oct 2014 at 05:19
Communications officer, Global Water Jobs
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I'm writing an article on water carrying in developing countries. I found this fascinating invention

I wonder if someone knows OTHER systems for this purpose. 

Thank you.


Juan Garcia
Thanks everybody for your support, this is the outcome of our review:
Felecia Alber
Juan, in my part of world (I am in combodia these days) they simply use carts to transport a bulk of drums at a time. Rollers are not popular here. But i saw this linkabout water kiosk you may like to read
Juan Garcia
Thanks for the information, but actually I was making my research upon other water carrying methods apart from wello or hippo roller.
Nicole de Rueda
Hi Juan, you may like to read this article
I will post soon some details about a syphon method i have seen last time in India. (I will post some snaps if I have)
Johannes Buckle
Hi Juan the Wello is based on the South African Hippo.
Water Network Research
Hi Juan, yes the Hippo Roller, you will find articles about it on The Water Network here:
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