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WASH and Climate Resilient Development (CRD) | how to bring together people interested in the topic?

Peter J. Bury
Started by Peter J. Bury on
04 Dec 2014 at 07:43
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I'm working on Climate Resilient Development (CRD) in the Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector, or in other words understanding how the WASH sector can adapt to climate variability (extreme weather events) and climate change.

I'd like to bring together people that work on this or related topics, with the aim to together build knowledge and organizing information relevant to the topic.

How can we create our learning and sharing platform (group? community? otherwise?) here on the Water Network?

Thanks, Peter in Italy

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lyseconcept jean Marius
F.H Mughal résume assez bien la problématique. Je développe une invention dans le traitement des eaux usées domestiques. Tous les systèmes traditionnels transforment la matière fécale en boue (40 millions de tonnes/an mondial).
Le concept d'assainissement Biologique met en place des dispositifs qui éliminent entièrement la matière fécale. Je communique sur tous les forums qui traitent de l'assainissement. Aucun retourn aucune demande de renseignements, rien comme si je n'existais pas.
Mon pauvre Peter, c'est le constat de l'inutile. Une invention aujourd'hui cela n'existe pas, cela ne peut pas exister : elle est interdite. L'intelligence économique qui appartenait à l'artisanat de la société civile, a été accaparée par l'intelligentia administrative, les conseillers, les consultants, les ingénieurs, les experts, etc. Un responsable de l'assainissement haut placé au conseil général du département décrète que mon invention n'est pas retenue comme telle justement parce qu'elle n'a pas encore reçu l'agrément de l'administration. Le progrès est arrêté net, seule la loi détermine ce qui est.
je suis l'inventeur de mon procédé mais je n'ai pas le droit de déclarer que c'est une invention. Eux oui même si dans le fond ils ne savent même pas ce qu'est réellement un effluent d'eaux usées.
F.H Mughal pretty much sums up the problem. I am developing an invention in the treatment of domestic wastewater. All traditional systems transform feces sludge (40 million tons / year worldwide).
The Organic sanitation concept implements features that eliminate entirely fecal matter. I communicate in all the forums that deal with sanitation. No return any inquiries, nothing like I did not exist. Better certain Forums Su ........ continues to discourse on the management of wastewater sludge despite the very poor performance of systems used.
Poor Peter, is the finding of the unnecessary. An invention that does not exist today, it can not exist: it is forbidden. Business intelligence which belonged to the craft of civil society has been monopolized by the administrative intelligentsia, advisors, consultants, engineers, experts, etc. A senior placed in the County Council decreed that my invention is not retained as such precisely because it has not yet been approved by the administration. Progress stopped short, only the law determines what is.I am the creator of my process, but I have not the right to declare that it is an invention. Them so even if the bottom they do not even know what a really wastewater effluent.
F H Mughal
Dear Mr. Peter,

I have been trying, for the last 1 year, to have technical resources on adaptation and resiliency in the WASH sector. I'm afraid, my experience is not quite encouraging. There are extremely few (almost negligible) publications on the subject. In addition, it seems like there are, almost, no resource persons in the field. For me, it has been somewhat disappointing experience.

I wish you success in your future endeavors. The field is very important, especially from the point of view of the developing countries. For example, the 3 recent major floods in Pakistan simply wiped out the water and sanitation facilities in the Sindh province. No lessons have been learnt - no technical resources - no resource persons. Seems like it is business-as-usual scenario here.


F H Mughal (Mr.)
Karachi, Pakistan
Water Network Research
Dear Peter, we have this active group on WASH and members are using this group for sharing water and sanitation learnings. You are welcome to engage in this group and develop the library and have thematic discussions. But if you wish to start a new group precisely for the CRD focused knowledge flow then you can Start New group. You can also invite your industry peers to join your Group directly here https://water.tallyfox.com/members. Looking forward for your constant engagement on The Water Network!!!
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