Interlinking of rivers of India

Virtual water flow from water-scarce to water-rich India

Arjen Hoekstra
Started by Arjen Hoekstra on
30 Mar 2012 at 04:28
Professor water management, University of Twente
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Did you know about this paradox? Water in the water-scarce northwest of India is used to export goods to areas within India that are much more water-abundant? More info at:


Iftikhar Abbas
Do anyone have experience of using Visual Modflow for calculation of groundwater mass balance?
Yogesh Agrawal
I remember in year 2001 at Dundee Scotland I met one participant from Saudi Arabia, during the Dundee Water 2000 seminar. He told me Saudi Arab Government does not allow farmers to grow crops, which require greater amount of water like rice and sugar cane, as water availability in Saudi Arabia is not good. Saudi Arabia imports rice and sugarcane and other crops which require greater quantity of water for crop production. This can be adopted in other countries also. There is appreciable wastage of water in agriculture sector, which needs to be reduced.
thomas mally
India has been the fifth largest exporter of virtual water in the world. Based on the water footprint of the country, the magnitude of use of inland water resources for the export of crop products from India has been quite significant. These facts shows that India has to be careful about the virtual water issue. I have never thought about the paradox you have mentioned here. I as a development worker always supported for the river interlinking project. But now want to know more about this virtual water trend and how it is going to affects the future water security. Mr. Arjen, it will be great to know more about it. Indian govt should consider this virtual water trend and ist effect while making the further policies for the interlinking project.
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