Proper utilisation of water in irrigated agriculture

use of chemical to reduce evaporation from irrigation canals

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11 Mar 2015 at 05:48
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can we successfully use monolayer chemical film to reduce evaporation from irrigation canals,the canal is already having solar panels as roof shade which obstruct sun,wind to much extent..can we further combine 2 methods like solar panel and monolayer chemical to reduce evaporation from irrigation canlas.The monolayer is non toxic and is not harmfull.


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In the concept of Biological Remediation dered qua non condition: non-use of household products containing hazardous chemicals microphones.
Ansi it allows to recycle process water remaining output immediately for watering the garden.
The waste water must be -biologique- the purification treatment process must be a -biologique- -biologique- for reject water.
The relationship with your subject
There are more and more wastewater production and thus chemical pollution products like those you mentioned.
They are not dangerous individually. they are dangerous by their permanent and redundant presence in the water discharged by wastewater services. Will add more as the environment may become full.
Regarding the films; yes, but attention to the production of mold on plants and crops. a phenomenon difficult to control.
The advantage of Biological Remediation concept: a revaluation of wastewater for productive organic farming is that it provides rich and rewarding water profusely while addressing a pollution problem: wastewater.
Jean Marius
Dans le concept d'Assainissement Biologique une condition siné qua non: la non utilisation de produits ménagers contenant des micros polluant chimiques.
Ansi cela permet de recycler le reliquat d'eau en sortie du procédé immédiatement pour l'arrosage du jardin potager.
Les eaux usées produites doivent être -biologique- le procédé de traitement d'épuration doit être -biologique- pour avoir une eau de rejet -biologique-.
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Il y a de plus en plus de production d'eaux usées et donc de pollution chimique des produits tels ceux que vous cités.
Ils ne sont pas dangereux individuellement. ils sont dangereux par leur présence permanente et redondante dans les eaux rejetées par les services de l'assainissement. En rajouter fera que l'environnement risque de saturer.
Concernant les films; oui mais attention à la production de la moisissure sur les plants et les récoltes. un phénomène difficilement contrôlable.
L'avantage du concept d'Assainissement Biologique : une revalorisation des eaux usées pour une agriculture biologique productive, c'est qu'il fournit de l'eau riche et enrichissante à profusion tout en réglant un problème de pollution : les eaux usées.
Jean Marius
The chemical called cetly alcohol is used is anti-transpirant(so used during droughts)non toxic,harmless,used in almost every skin and hair products...
cetly alcohol and such other emulsions are harmless ,non-toxic,and do not have any effect on aquatic life and even on humans...and this chemical is used in almost every skin and hair products...and it is anti -transpirant so eventually used for crops during droughts
Rhiannon M.
I suggest to Design - minimum water-loss canals.
What if the canals are already constructed...after that if we want to reduce evaporation what can be done
What if the canals are already constructed...after that if we want to reduce evaporation what can be done
What if the canals are already constructed...after that if we want to reduce evaporation what can be done
Govind Bharad
I think it will be of no use because we cannot hve a contnuous film on flowing water.
Actually the irrigation canals are not constantly flowing...the water is stored by closing gates on 2 sides for some lenght forming "pools" of water ... so the situation is saem as of constant water..
lyseconcept jean Marius
Et que deviendront ces produits chimiques? lors des précipitations pluviales ils s'infiltreront dans le sol et seront absorbés par les cultures. N'est ce pas une action criminelle? Il faudra galement ajouté les engrais chimiques.
Que dire d'êtres -biologique- nourris au -chimique-?

And what will become of these chemicals? during storm rainfall they will infiltrate into the soil and will be absorbed by crops. Is not it a criminal action? It will also added chemical fertilizers.
What about -biologique- beings fed -chimique-?
The chemical called cetly alcohol is used f or the purpose which is non-toxic,harmless,anti-transpirant and so used during droughts,also it is used in almost every hair and skin products ...
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