Proper utilisation of water in irrigated agriculture

Technical and scientific changes induced by the new technology: the buried diffuser for "underground irrigation" and for "water injection and conservation" in the deep soil layers.

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07 Nov 2012 at 12:44
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The buried diffuser is a “revolution” in the domain of irrigation water saving and the domain of drought combating and water ressources preservation and conservation.  

At the technical and the scientific levels, the use of the buried diffuser will induce changes   in the methodology of calculation of the crops water needs. The change concerns the elimination of the parameter “E” (evaporation) which is combined with “T” (transpiration) in the “ET” ( evapo-transpiration). This is because when we use the buried diffuser there is no evaporation.

 The change is also in the determination of technical specifications of the different components of the irrigation system (size of the pipes, power of the pumps, water flow needed, etc.).  When the buried diffuser is used by gravity there is no need of pump to make pressure (like in drip irrigation).

The concept of  "anticipated irrigation" will induce change in irrigation frequency: in equilabrated textured soil  trial has shown that for olive trees plantation in north ofTunisia , the trees are irrigated only twice per year! The concept of  "water injection and concervation" in the deep soil layers  will induce changes in the manners of water resources mobilization and planning.   This  notion of water storage in the deep soil layers, will induce a new strategy to combat droughts and adaptation to climate change: trials in soutehern Tunisia  have demostrated that  it is possible,  by using the buried diffusers, to store during the rainy years, the total adult tree water need of 3 years.  This means that if of this  storage of this need has been done, the tree will not suffer during 3 next dry years.    


chahbani bellachheb
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Thank you very much for sharing the information. It sounds very interesting.
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