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Searching for an updated Resistivity Test to be used for Groundwater exploration.

Nripendra Sarma
Started by Nripendra Sarma on
25 Aug 2014 at 03:38
PHED, Government of Assam, India
Know-how: Wetlands

Hello, I am searching for an updated Resistivity Test to be used for Groundwater exploration. 

The groundwater exploration for detecting (i) availability of water bearing strata as well as (ii) chemical water quality of available water in the aquifer needs update on the following aspects :-
(a) Options / Methods and their user friendliness alongwith a comparative study scope of their use for detecting availability of a sustained aquifer and also the water quality (chemical), before one starts the boring.
(c) Authenticity of test results

Thanking you and waiting for your kind response.


papiha thomas
The role of geophysical methods in Groundwater Exploration is imperative. Its chief aim is to understand the hidden subsurface hydrogeological setting correctly and effectively. Electrical resistivity method is the way out for a authentic solution. The Electrical Resistivity is a property of the ions of the salts dissolved in the groundwater. You can read more about this method here http://www.iris-instruments.com/Pdf%20file/3-Groundwater_%26_Geophysics/...

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