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Russian organic market continues to grow

Felecia Alber
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13 Aug 2013 at 06:54
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Ia m working these days in Russia in Organic farming. According to a recent report of the Global Agriculture Information Network of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), in 2012, organic sales in Russia reached 148 million US dollars, which is 7.8 percent growth compared to 2011. The report informs extensively about the situation in the country. In 2012, organic sales in Russia reached $148 million which is 7.8 percent growth compared to 2011. The lack of a Russian certification system continues to be a challenge to the steady expansion of demand for Russian organic food. Absent this, Russian producers keen to operate in the organic food market under the auspices of an official organic certifying body have to obtain official certification from third countries (e.g. the United States or EU) or to import the products from abroad which increases the final prices significantly.

What are the experiences of other members about OF ? Do you see a growth or you think its just a hype for showing that ppl are taking environment seriously?


Gema Alatas
As of last year there was a 15% increase in exports in organic food from Indonesia. Several organizations have also worked towards raising the profile and benefits of organic food. One of these organizations is The Learning Farm, which was set up three years ago by U.S.-based non-governmental organization World Education and is now run by the Karang Widya Foundation. It trains street children and vulnerable youth in various skills, including organic farming.

In Jakarta, people can order fresh vegetables from distributors including Kandaga Organic, The Learning Farm, and Organic Food Indonesia. The companies all have home delivery services following their harvests. Organic Food Indonesia focuses more on organic rice than vegetables.

The demand for organic produce is growing throughout Asia according to a 2006 report by market analyst Organic Monitor. The group estimates the market is expanding by 30-40% annually in places including Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. The global consumption of organic produce and other related products had increased to $52 billion in 2008 from $23 billion in 2002. Currently, Indonesia has seven organic food certification agencies. They have certified 48 organic farmer groups farming areas covering 102,000 hectares. The Indonesian government has announced plans to boost this number.

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