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A river at risk

Claudia Casarotto
Started by Claudia Casarotto on
13 Dec 2012 at 06:54
Deputy Country Director - Kenya , Innovations for Poverty Action
Know-how: Sustainable Agriculture, Energy, Basin Irrigation, Water

A very insightful short movie by Alexandra Cousteau, filmmaker, environmental advocate, and National Geographic "Emerging Explorer", on the Potomac River. The Potomac provides water for 4 million people in the US and is threatened by wastewater overflowing from sewers and agricultural waste. According to a report by American Rivers, the Potomac is one of the most endangered rivers in the USA.

Follow Alexandra Cousteau's trip along the Potomac:


Yogesh Agrawal
USA has a very less population density and is one of the countries where river flow is taken care of even by dismantling existing dams. River flow are most adversely affected in Asia and Africa, where population density is higher and shortage of funds for treatment of waste out falling into the river. This has resulted into use of polluted water by poor people resulting in adverse effect on health of poor people. The world community need to pay attention, otherwise it may cause world wide adverse effect on health and environment.
Boris Hiro LHIE
Hello Mrs. Casarotto,

Unfortunately, the video link does not seem to work anymore.
Many rivers are polluted by industrial activity all around the world...
If you are sensitive to this particular issue, the first part of the following documentary might interest you as well:
Kind regards,
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