Interlinking of rivers of India

The recent flash flood in India.

vikramsingh singh
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01 Jul 2013 at 04:08
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Do you think if the interlinking project was implemented by the authority the recent disaster of flash flood would have not been this bad?


Yogesh Agrawal
One should first study what is the terrain of the Uttrakhand. The construction and development activities in the region has disregarded the ground realities. The construction activities have been done on river bed. The river flood plain has been restricted by the development and commercial activities. In my opinion , there is no possibility of interlinking of rivers within this Himalayan region. Probably the mini hydro projects have been constructed using improper design practices. The huge crowd of people travelling this region added to the problem. As usual no consideration was given to the rainfall warning. There are so many short comings of administrative machinery and policy makers, that this disaster was unavoidable. Now let us hope, the government of Uttranchal and Government of India will take corrective measures, so that such disaster may be avoided in future.
Venkatasamy R
The recent disaster is caused mostly by the land slides, the intensity of which could have been minimized if appropriate soil conservation measures were implemented and with a strict ban on occupying the flood-plains of the rivers in any manner. Since the geological formation of the Himalayas is said to be more unstable, its land uses are to be planned well with a good scientific base.

Interlinking of rivers will be useful in avoiding /minimizing flood damages in the reaches down below the hill slopes where the rivers run in milder slopes with inadequate carrying capacity during the flash floods. So the interlinking of rivers will not be a relevant factor to be considered in the area affected now.

The flood control in The Netherlands is an entirely different issue where the sea level is above the land.
jasuka wan
IBM harnesses power of Big Data to improve Dutch flood control and water management systems as Papiha have mentioned. The press release about the information from IBM members can accesses here
papiha thomas
Hello Vikramsingh I am not an expert in interlinking project. But wanted to share with you that how IBM uses big data for flood control and water management project in the Netherlands. IBM has launched Digital Delta, a project that will use insights from big data to better manage flood control and water systems in the Netherlands. The solution will include precipitation measurements, water level and water quality monitors, levee sensors, radar data, model predictions, as well as current and historic maintenance data from sluices, pumping stations, locks and dams.
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