Interlinking of rivers of India

problems of Interlinking projects.

vikramsingh singh
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19 Apr 2013 at 09:05
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Medha Patkar the most famous activist said, "I am apprehensive about the river inter-linking project. In fact, if manipulating rivers was so effective then the chronic flood caused by Koshi river should have stopped after the construction of dams," said Patkar, while speaking at the ninth biennial national conference of the public movements on environmental issues.

When Ms. Patkar speaks this way the common man nods on her statements, without understanding the technical issues and benefits this project will bring.

According to me, this is the biggest problem and hurdle in the project....


Yogesh Agrawal
There is need that new concept / guidelines are set up to conceive a water resources project, it may be run off the river or a dam or any other project. New projects are to be conceived for the betterment of the people of the area and the nation. We need to provide justice to every body , in submergence area or the command area. Whether we are properly / fully utilizing water in an existing project. For most of the projects, the answer is in negative. There is need to change our design procedures to bring an existing project to its full utilization. Now a days a new slogan is aired / started to escape responsibilities and escape sincerity & efforts to improve the existing projects.
thomas mally
to realise the extend of the ignorance read this article by GWP.A tale of rehabilitation of people displaced due to dam construction ##
vikramsingh singh
@ Thomas, yes I understand that the rehabilitation is ignored at a very large scale.
thomas mally
I understand that when it comes to emotional aspects people like to listen Ms. Medha. But we also have to take in the consideration the Rehabilitation of the displaced tribal. Tribals are the one who suffers because of our So Called Development. Still the Narmada sarovar rehabilitation work is due. I understand that we need to develop but not at this cost. Technical the project may be good but do we really have that good burocrats and politicians to take it ahead? why to interlink rivers when a proper water management on small scales will solve the problem..
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