Proper utilisation of water in irrigated agriculture

Paddy crop

pratham nayak
Started by pratham nayak on
02 Dec 2012 at 02:26
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Hello, can anyone tell me how to take care of paddy falling down due to extra height in Rice Cultivation for organic farming? And which is the best method for irrigation for paddy cultivation? thank you


pratham nayak
Brahim, thanks for the suggestion. We had a feild inspection last week and the professionals have suggest us for close spacing. As well we are also suggested for checking the nitrogen content of the soil. as excess nitrogen cause tenderness/sacculancy in plants leads crop falling. I will post the result of soil condition and the outcome.
In this case, I see that the irrigation seepage near the root of the plant with a water-saving Garande can give better results by following the rules of the itulistaion of irrigation system and we know that the ground need lots of water and that is why with irrigation system that meets the needs of the plant at a rate lower. I suggest you give it a try with our system of drip irrigation seepage PORITEX and you'll notice the big diference with the traditional system.
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