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Steve  Mooney
Started by Steve Mooney on
11 Jan 2014 at 04:59
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Hello folks, I am interested in learning android GIS as it seems to be booming up. Can some one help me suggesting some open sources to learn or a correspondence course etc?


Kevin Niegi
I followed github, that was good.
Saraha  Feble
Is it easy to use it, i wonder.
Steve  Mooney
thanks everyone one for your inputs, sorry to reply little late. Ia ma exploring the options suggested.
Gema Alatas
you may get some help here,!
monica valdora
I was suggested to help steve with some open source for android GIS. Here Andrew has rightly mentioned that basically its the same. But you can try using Qgis which is an open source,
Andrew Raal
What do you want to do with Android GIS? it is basically the same as any other GIS! Often just small customised application for remote/portable devices for in the field usage.
The customised apps are usually basic and easy to learn.

Creating customised applications might be profitable - one would have to start with learning the basics of coding/programming, GIS workflows and android interface.

The same is happening with traditional GIS going web based with customised applications for a very wide audience being developed (started with Google Earth). Same skills would be needed (coding, web publishing) a lot of android applications just run of the internet.
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