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Need experts input in selecting and designing a solution for 1 mld STP plant

Mallikarjuna alapaka
Started by Mallikarjuna alapaka on
24 Jul 2014 at 05:03
proposal and process engineer, PACT Engineering Co
Know-how: Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Hello everyone, I need your expert input for designing 1 mld STP plant.

Also we are trying to Design a tank sewer system, can someone give me basic inputs for this? Thank you.


emilio munoz
Please give more data like:

water dotation l/PE
Inlet Pollutant load (BOD / COD / TSS / N / P)
Effluent parameters required

we can help you with a basic solution, if you give us a basic data.

Best regards.
Water Network Research
@Alapaka here are the details from your question, perhaps this helps members to engagement with some suggestions.
For Existing Sewages Lines ( FOR NEW STP Installation)

To conduct a total station sewage along the existing sewage system. Observation of Top cover level of existing manhole, at start and major junctions, road level, ,culrech etc along the route as directed by GE.

Providing scattered Benchmarks at about 250m internals on permanent detail using total station.

Traversing along road to connect various sewer circuits.

To prepare the digital map of the above showing Top & Invert levels of man holes, diameter of line & major features of identification.

New Sewage Line

​Sewage using total System for new sewer lines and major features for identification

Observation of ground level at about 30m internal in open area

Preparing map on 1:500 scale and at contour internal at 0.5 m internal

Providing 2 benchmark on Permanent Detail.

​Hydraulic Design- Solution

Design of STP and preparation basic engineering package of layout plan, hydraulic diagram and P-I diagram

Design of tank sewer system connecting all manholes prior to all septic tanks ; working out of size shape Invert level of tank sewer lines to be laid and preparation of design statement and sewer (network) drawing.
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