Interlinking of rivers of India

Is a national framework law needed?

Claudia Casarotto
Started by Claudia Casarotto on
14 Jan 2013 at 15:46
Deputy Country Director - Kenya , Innovations for Poverty Action
Know-how: Sustainable Agriculture, Energy, Basin Irrigation, Water

India does not have a nationall water framework law. I am not an expert of the country, but it appears to me that an overall, broad and comprehensive law would be needed, given also the interstate nature of many Indian rivers and taking into account that in most regions of the world we are now considering river basins and not political boundaries to manage water. Read the article by Ramaswamy R. Iyer and let me have your views.


Yogesh Agrawal
I do not think that laws are going to make basic changes in the water sector in India. What is needed is the comprehensive clear concepts and solutions based on ground realities, not the law. The question is what are the basic causes of water problems in India, their diagnostic analysis and the proper solutions. Lot of work has been done. But much more is still to be done. The diagnostic analysis of existing projects will help to know the real problems and the probable solutions should be discussed and implemented phase wise.
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