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Mineral oxidation from mining

Kathleen Swanson
Started by Kathleen Swanson on
25 Sep 2014 at 17:54
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Are there any discussions or news on oxidized minerals contaminating groundwater?


Water Network Research
Kathleen there are some Question asked by members on ground water contaminations ex. 1 Which test should be carried out to detect the type and extend of soil and water contamination? http://bit.ly/1sv3gnX
2. Iron contamination in drinking well water http://bit.ly/1qzLE2I
3. Treating the drinking water if carbon dioxide is naturally mixed with ground water http://bit.ly/1xo91VO etc.
You can search for "ground water contamination" related documents and news on the water network. Hope this helps you. We will be happy if you start some discussion in the group regarding some specific ground water contamination issue. Best.
Doug Bates
Hi Kathleen,

You'll find a mine of information on this site for the International Mine Water Association - including a lot of very useful reports and studies on AMD etc. http://www.imwa.info/
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