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Looking for partners/distributors for marketing The Buried Diffuser - A worldwide patented underground irrigation technology

chahbani bellachheb
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04 Aug 2013 at 14:48
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Our company Chahtech SA ( is looking for worldwide distributors for the Buried Diffuser. A highly efficient irrigation system tested and approved in Arid and Semi-Arid regions. Its advantages are huge: save irrigation water, energy, fertilizer, etc, 0% waste by evaporation, 2 times less water than the drip method, 3 to 5 times more yield than drip irrigation... Please visit our website for more details:

Many opportunities have to be considered and we are ready to discuss serious partnership propositions. If you are interested, please contact me at:


chahbani bellachheb
Hi Matt,
The buried diffuser is a new irrigation device recently introduced in 2013. Actually the models available are for growing trees or for growing vegetables in green houses and for landscaping. For vegetables growing in open fields, the buried diffuser is not advised because of cost of investment in the beginning and because of installation and removal when used at a large scale (2 hectares and more), there are no machines for that, it is only done by labour. But in open fields, the efficiency of the buried diffuser remains: 60% less water, energy, fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides than drip irrigation. The yield (for the same irrigation water volume) also is the double of the drip irrigation yield. The buried diffuser has been tested in Africa (Tunisia and Algeria). In Tunisia it has been tested for pimentos in poly houses (500 squares meters), with sandy soil in Tunisian desert conditions. Another test is done last season, also for pimentos, in arid area of south Tunisia in poly green houses (500 square meters: 1000 plants), soil conditions: loamy gypseous soil. In Algeria the trial is last year in poly green houses (500 square meters )in semi arid region, north of Algeria. For trees we have: almond in South of France, date palm trees in Tunisia and Morocco, Olive trees in Tunisia, peach and cherries in Algeria, figs, orange and apple in Tunisia. The buried diffuser works perfectly with liquid fertilizers and (compared with drip irrigation) it saves 60% of the liquid fertilizers. This enables to not remove the diffuser (for vegetables) during 5 years (no tilling). Please contact me using your email at to share with you the scientific reports on the different trials of the buried diffuser.
Matt Van Aardt
Hi, having developed several medium sized irrigation projects around Africa (7000ha plus) some questions come to mind, specifically for vegetable growing :
What is the cost per ha?
Has this been tested in Africa and in what soil conditions?
Can organic liquid fertilizer be distributed via this method as can be done with pivot irrigation?
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