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literature on the biological treatment of leather industry wastewater.

Julian car
Started by Julian car on
16 Mar 2015 at 07:40
Water treatmnet
Know-how: Water Reuse & Recycling, Sludge Treatment, Produced Water Treatment

I am looking out for some literature on- biological treatment of leather industry wastewater. Please share if someone has it. 


Water Network Research
Dear Julian you can find some literature in the group library.
1. Chemical and biological treatment technologies for leather tannery chemicals and wastewaters: A review. A research Paper by - Giusy Lofrano, Sureyya Meriç, Gülsüm Emel Zengin, and Derin Orhon. http://bit.ly/1AMmMue
2. Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference Document for the Tanning of Hides and Skins - by Institute for Prospective Technological Studies Sustainable Production and Consumption Unit European http://bit.ly/1MEBlIC
3. Treatment of leather industrial effluents by filtration and coagulation processes - http://bit.ly/1CmEsDR
4. Wastewater Treatment Technology For Tanning Industry - http://bit.ly/1Clh0Fm
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