Water Disinfection

LED UV-C Technology for the Disinfection of Liquids

Ken Kershner
Started by Ken Kershner on
05 Mar 2012 at 11:12
Know-how: Disinfection

On March 15, 2012, a paper will be presented at Pittcon, in Orlando, FL by Aquionics, Inc. Pittcon is a conference which showcases medical devices and medical technology.

The abstract submitted for the conference has been uploaded to the disinfection documents folder and showcases the advent of a new disinfection technology. The use of LEDs for the disifenction of water and other liquids is at the brink of commercialization and an exciting topic in the disifection marekt. The paper will showcase the results from an ongoing study of LEDs for water disinfection and highlight a real product being introduced.

The purpose of creating this forum was to invoke conversations on the latest disinfection technologies and not showcase one particular manufacturers product. However, as the use of LED is a monumental leap in technology for water disifnection and feel it will revolutionize water disifnection so wanted to put it out in the forum for further discussion.

Please feel free to recomend other topics of discussion for the disinfection forum.

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