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Irrigation method for cotton

Aamir A
Started by Aamir A on
12 Nov 2012 at 13:36
Technical director, e water
Know-how: Atmospheric Water Generation, Finance and Markets

It is clear that if best irrigation method is adopted it gives good yield and water can be used without wastage. We are planning to grow cotton, please suggests best irrigation method for it also we want to give fertilizers through water.


Stephen Siwila
Drip irrigation can do very well, however, there is need for frequent flashing of the system especially when applying fertilizer using the irrigation system.
Gema Alatas
I agree drip irrigation will be the best method.
Pedro Pompeyo Osores Morante
Hello my friends see in the web Sunstateorganic world record production x ha. in rice in Florida with 90% less water and organic imputs similar are the bamboo walls in Asia
Edwin Muchebve
Drip irrigation. efficient use of water.
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