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Invitation to a seminar on 'Peak Water: Implications for Security' - London, UK

Kiran Pereira
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27 Feb 2013 at 10:17
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Hello everyone, 

As mentioned in the earlier post, I got special permission to invite members of this group to 2 water seminars happening in London on the 1st and the 4th. Unlike most seminars, these are free to attend but require that you register in advance. 

SEMINAR 2: Peak Water: Implications for Security 


Monday 4th March, 18.00 - 19.30

Where: Safra Lecture Theatre, Ground Floor KCL Strand Campus, The Strand, London WC2R 2LS

Followed by: An informal drinks reception in the geography foyer

Please register at 

KCL Earth & Environmental Dynamics and Environment, Politics & Development Research Group Joint Annual Lecture 

Monday 4th March 2013 

Chair: Professor Nick Clifford, Head of the Geography Department 

Dr. Peter H. Gleick 

President, Pacific Institute  Member, US National Academy of Sciences    MacArthur Fellow 

Peak Water: Implications for Security 

There is a long history of conflicts over freshwater resources. Water and water systems have been used as a tool or target of conflict and there are many examples of violent conflicts over access to, or the allocation of, limited water resources. Recently, the concept of "peak water" has been defined and described by Dr. Peter Gleick and his colleagues at the Pacific Institute, and three forms of peak water have been explored: peak renewable, non-renewable, and ecological water. Peak water does not mean we are running out of water. Rather the concept offers a new way to think about growing resource, economic, and environmental constraints, especially in a world where water resources are increasingly affected by large-scale climatic changes. This talk will explore the concept of peak water and its implications for water-related conflicts, with an update on recent examples from around the world. 

Dr. Peter Gleick is quite a renowned scientist based in the US and this talk is bound to be very popular, so do make sure you register in advance and also let me know if you plan on attending. 




Kiran Pereira
You're welcome to Muhammad. Please register at the above mentioned link to confirm your place.
Muhammad Abbas Khan
Should I attend this confrence with all of you's permission
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