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The Immediate Climate Threat Is Water Scarcity, Not Rising Sea Levels

Supittha Bunyapen
Started by Supittha Bunyapen on
11 Oct 2013 at 05:11
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When it comes to explaining how climate change will harm future civilization, many media outlets (including this one) tend to focus on hurricanes or rising sea levels. These are natural topics to generate interest in the heating Earth – the mental image of a city overrun with briny water, like New Orleans after Katrina, is charged with worry and doom.

But what the media should be focusing on is not the ocean but the land, specifically how dried out vast regions are becoming and the major effects it's having on societies. Intense droughts influenced by climate change are happening now, devastating farmers, causing mass migrations, and perhaps even contributing to the recent uprisings in the Middle East.

Arguing that the media should pound less on rising sea levels might not be appropriate when talking with somebody from the Pacific islands, or any other low-lying area that's anticipating nasty flooding. But the most punishing impacts of sea-level rise – excluding, perhaps, its debilitating amplification of tidal surges as with Superstorm Sandy – isn't expected to occur until later in the century. Meanwhile, many researchers say that climate change is actively worsening droughts and shriveling up access to water for hundreds of millions of people.

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Vishakha Rajput
I am adding an article to the discuss - "Tackling Climate Change is Good for Business" by Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations
Mi Nakamura
This will impact on globalization, resettlement and congestion in already crowded areas. Not good for us, every citizen is responsible to take the issue seriously and reduce the global climate changes.
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