how to convert ArcGis layers in MapInfo

Ang Wenyan
Started by Ang Wenyan on
18 Jun 2014 at 07:16
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I need to convert ArcGis layers in MapInfo can you please help me.


Stefan Halbfass
Simply use QGIS and the "Save As" option.
Ang Wenyan
Sorry for getting late in replying they are shape files.
Andrew Raal
Ang, when you say "ArcGis" layers what file types are they?? .lyr with geodatbase or from a spatial database or shape files??

To my understanding it is possible to convert and import ArcGIS layer .lyr files into MapInfo but difficult to keep styling and formatting as ArcGIS can create custom formats and styling that have no MapInfo equivalent.

If you have ArcGIS you can save the layers as shape files which MapInfo reads directly, else you need translation software FME - which will cost money. QGIS (free - opensource) if correctly installed can read ESRI/ArcGIS geodatabase files - from there you can save as a file type that MapInfo can read.

Let me know if this is useful.
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