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Glaciers retreat: how to adapt to a changing climate?

Claudia Casarotto
Started by Claudia Casarotto on
27 Jan 2013 at 08:03
Deputy Country Director - Kenya , Innovations for Poverty Action
Know-how: Sustainable Agriculture, Energy, Basin Irrigation, Water

Glaciers retreat is affecting the Chacaltaya Mountain in Bolivia.

Glacier retreat is attributed mainly to the rapid rise in temperatures: recent studies confirm that in the high Andes, the mean temperature is increasing more quickly than in the rest of the world.

A severe impact of glaciers retreat is the lower water availability for Andean populations' agriculture ad basic needs, as well as for the ecosystem.

A World Bank project attempts to tackle some ways to adapt to the changing climate and to mitigate the effects of glaciers retreat: http://bit.ly/XJEZ8v

Which are the best mitigation and adaptation options? And is the glacier retreat phenomenon well understood enough to find effective responses?


Stephen Siwila
This phenomenon is currently not fully understood but there is great hope for wonderful and lasting solutions
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