Flood Forecasting at Dam site using HEC-HMS

Nirman Bhagat
Started by Nirman Bhagat on
23 Jul 2014 at 05:56
Know-how: Dams

I am carrying out my research work for flood forecasting at Sardar Sarovar Dam site on Narmada River, Gujarat, India by using the HEC-HMS software. Can any one please help me regarding this research (flood forecasting )can you please share report and your experience with me? Thanks,


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Case study mentioned by Dany is uploaded in the group library. You can read the research paper named "Application of HEC-HMS for flood forecasting in Misai and Wan’an catchments in China" written by James Oloche OLEYIBLO, Zhi-jia LI here
dany tade
HEC-1 is a mathematical watershed model that contains several methods with which to
simulate surface runoff and river/reservoir flow in river basins. The hydrologic model,
together with flood damage computations (also included in the model), provides a basis for
evaluation of flood control projects.
Many researcher have used this for their forecasting. I was suggested to share some case studies with you. You can check out this paper on Google 1. Application of HEC-HMS for flood forecasting in Misai
and Wan’an catchments in China

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