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environmental impacts of desalination

Supriya Pradhan
Started by Supriya Pradhan on
19 Jun 2015 at 05:08
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Reading so much these days about desalination and other technologies used for filtering water. Can expert tell me what are the environmental impacts of desalination? Or there is no bad value associated with desalination? Curious to know.


Sameer Dohare
In my opinion, desalination is not an Environment Friendly Process, because of the following impacts.
1) Desalination plant is established in coastal region / zone, which directly impacts the sensitive ecosystem.
2) Desalination is energy intensive process, hence, the electricity demand is supplied through burning fossil fuel, or solar energy. Both of these have negative impact on environment.
3) The reject water increases the concentration of salts in nearby area of the disposal, which again impact the sensitive coastal ecosystem as well as aquatic life.
The above mentioned three points have visible high negative impact on environment.
The question is, why we need desalination, when nature is doing the same, since the water cycle initiation.
One should think of Water Management in such a way that every possible drop can be utilized.
see my article on Water Management : https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/water-management-sameer-dohare
Amir Dakkak
Desalination usually requires large amounts of energy, thus releasing large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. Also, the impurities and the salts removed from the water are usually dumped back into the ocean/sea, increasing the waters salinity, which has adverse affects on the surrounding environment and aquatic life.

I hope this helps.
jasuka wan
As far as any technology is concerned, there would be some adverse impact on nature. But considering the water need and thirst we have to make sure that Environmental Impact of any project is done by regulators for any technology plant prior to construction. In the case of desalination, some impact would be there on Aquatic life. But the regulators do a proper study for minimizing the adverse effect on environment.
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