Interlinking of rivers of India

Doubt about impact of inter linking rivers project in the concern of socio-economics and ecological aspects.

Kumar Arunesh
Started by Kumar Arunesh on
18 Sep 2014 at 05:55
Know-how: Forest Conservation, Water

kindly clear my doubt about impact of inter linking rivers project in the concern of socio-economic and ecological aspects,  tell me its merits and demerits.


Yogesh Agrawal
Please join my group on Interlinking of rivers, where you will find all the required information in detail
Demang Mahmud
And these recent flood happening in India and neighboring countries will be minimized to ZERO
Puja Gupta
Hi, according to me the projects has more merits over the said demirits like,
It expects to add 34,000 MW of hydro power to the national grid (clean energy).
Large canals will facilitate inland navigation.
Will create employment and boost crop output and farm income.
Drought management will be better

Only the problem is the political unwillingness for the project.

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