Water in the Middle East

Data for decision making

John Harris
Started by John Harris on
19 Feb 2012 at 11:27
Know-how: Public Health, Policy

One of the issues I'm becoming increasingly interested in is data-enabled decision making related to water. The finer the margins, the more accurate data needs to be. However, in many ways, the region has been a laggard in data-driven decision making. To paraphrase one of my favorite thinkers on regional water issues, Rachael McDonnell, to make good decisions related to water use, you first need good data. This is an emerging field in the Middle East, but there are some exciting initiatives underway. Any thoughts?


John Harris
Check out prominent Egyptian/American scientist Farouk El-Baz's recent analysis of the need for increased cooperation related to remote sensing and hydraulic modelling data sharing for groundwater management:
John Harris
I think you've touched upon a very important issue, a regional mechanism for sharing and verifying data, or knowledge management platform. I'd love to start a discussion about this. Keep the ideas coming!
Bassam Hayek
Yes, good data is needed; and this may not be always available. Another issue is the data sharing. There are local initiatives for data bases. However, I guess a knowledge management platform is needed; the national data can be collected from the various studies, projects, and data systems, then it can be evaluated and shared with users in the different sectors.
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