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Any thoughts about a new Dam? Despite First Nations and local oppositions, "Site C" (British Colombia, Canada) APPROVED.

Yoshimi Yoshida
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23 Dec 2014 at 07:05
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The project is now approved by B.C. Govt, Canada, even though the Site C Dam is going to flood and displace indigenous people (First Nations) and farmers who live on the land covering the Site C.

Here is the gist of the background: "Premier Christy Clark approved the Site C dam, saying the almost-$8.8 billion megaproject will provide future generations with clean, reliable hydroelectricity, like that already generated by other dams on the Peace and Columbia rivers.   ....

It would be BC Hydro’s first new dam in more than 30 years, and likely the last major hydroelectric project of its kind on the Peace River. It would put the BC Hydro back into the business of generating its own power after years of increasing reliance upon small-scale private power projects. Energy Minister Bill Bennett said Site C will provide cheap, reliable power to help meet a demand for electricity that’s expected to jump 40 per cent in the next 20 years.   .....

But, the dam would flood 5,557 hectares of land along 83 kilometres of the Peace River valley, from Fort St. John to Hudson’s Hope, destroying traditional territory of local First Nations and displacing residentswho live and farm in the area. Both aboriginal leaders and farmers have challenged the project in court. On Tuesday, they slammed the provincial government for charging ahead.

First Nations chiefs called the move “ill-advised and incredibly stupid,” and doomed to failure.

“The fight is just getting started,” said Chief Roland Willson of the West Moberly First Nation. He said First Nations will be seeking injunctions to prevent permits from being granted and construction starting until legal challenges have been concluded. ...."

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Vadoud Naderi
I know about Field Dam, how to design and how to construction of them, what is your question?
Dorji Tshering
Dams are constructed with the good intentions but the environmental effect it has is troublesome. Its better to construct series of small dams over a mega project, my views..
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