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Advantages and disadvantes of decentralized WWTP

emilio munoz
Started by emilio munoz on
30 Apr 2012 at 10:08
Project Manager, PVS GmbH,
Know-how: Sewage Treatment, Chemical Engineering, Wastewater Treatment, Desalination

Good afternoon to all people,

Does anyone know about the new trends in decentralized WWTP?

Any new emerging technology or R+D can be discussed, all your experiences about this issue are kindly invited for a further discusion.

Best regards.


Juzer Jangbarwala
My experience with decentralized WWTP is the maintenance they require. Not the least of which is the removal of activated sludge generated, the flocculation/coagulation chemicals (corruption prone) and high energy consumption.
I am consulting to a company right now that seems to have figured it out. They have a draft tube airlift immobilized biofilm system that produces virtually no sludge, and does not generate fine solids that require coagulation chemicals. Since there is no activated sludge to move around to maintain a DO level, they also operate systems at low enough power consumption that solar PV would be sufficient. They put these systems in containers and ship plug & play systems all over for this application.
Urmila Brighu
Dear Varun, what has been your experience? The city that I live in is also moving towards decentralised STPs with positive outcomes. The challenge faced is O and M of the plant, as ant STP requires trained operators and unfortunately in India, we have none.
emilio munoz
Dear Varum,

Thank you very much for your interest, i really appreciate your collaboration willing. I work for high specialized austrian engineering, and we have developed hundreds of wastewater projects around the world, if you need information about our technology or products, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Varun Sridharan
Hello everyone,

I am a civil specialized in water & environmental engineering. I've had an opportunity to work in a project for identifying the appropriate DWWT technology for cities in India. I will be interested to share my experience in the project with the group.

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