Sea water flows inward Nilwala ; No drinking water for 65 thousand families.

03 Apr 2014 Posted by: Water Network Research

Due to dry weather and receding water level, sea water has seeped into Nilwala River causing a drinking water shortage in several areas of Matara District.

The National Water Supply and Drainage Board stated that they have taken measures to shut down Nandu-gala water purification unit in Matara.

Matara office of the Water Board further said that about 65,000 families are facing a severe issue in drinking water supply due to this reason.

According to water Board’s Matara Office Manager Samantha Kumara that they could not supply water into Water purification unit in Nandu-gala, Matara during the last few days, due to sea water seeped into Nilwala River.

Previously when sea water seeped into Kalu River, they were able to keep the situation under control by using a bund to control the sea water.

However, no bund has been built in the river-mouth of Nilwala River thus far.

April 1, 2014

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